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maandag 16 juli 2018

4 problem positions from SPA

After the conclusion of the (unsuccessful) Science Park open, I present you 4 interesting positions from my games. Note this are not tactic problems, but real life positions, so your goal is to find the best move, its follow-up, and the ideas behind it. I recommend spending between 10 and 20 minutes per problem, enjoy!

Problem 1: Joris Kokje vs Francisco Hernández
Black has sacrificed an exchange but white queen is trapped. How should black continue?

Problem 2: Francisco Hernández vs Dirk Floor
White is two pawns up but his kingside is weak. What is the best continuation?

Problem 3: Francisco Hernández vs Ferdinand Binnendijk
Black is underdeveloped and has just played f4, opening the position. Punish it!

Problem 4: Francisco Hernández vs Peter Mijnheer
White has sacrified a piece for the attack, how should he continue? Warning: this is a very difficult problem with only one winning, computeresque move.
 In the game I played the inferior 1. Bxd6 and was lucky to scape with a draw.
Francisco Hernández Iglesias

(PS: solutions in first comment)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Problem 1: If you found 1... Bxh3! distracting the bishop, give yourself a pat in the back. However, I believe the move 1... Bg6!, which I played in the game, is even stronger. What is the point? After Bg6 you threaten Qg3 (which was bad before due to Rxf5) and you prepare the winning manouver Rc8-f6-Be8-Na6, against which white is helpless.

    Problem 2: The idea is Be3 followed by Qf1 (or first Qf1 and then Be3), when the king is protected, the queen keeps an eye on a6 and the c3 pawn is untouchable. For example 1. Be3 Rxc6 2. Qf1 Rxc3? 3.a5 and the pawn gets to a7. In the game I played the inferior Qd3, after which the position becomes more unclear, and went on to lose despite the big advantage.

    Problem 3: There are many tempting options here. In the game I played the strong 1.gxf4! gxf4 2.Kh1, after which 2... fxe3 3. fxe3 is nearly suicide for black, since his king runs out of defenders. He played instead 2... Bd7, but after 3. cxd5 cxd5 4. Bc1! his position collapsed.

    Problem 4: This is nearly impossible to find without computer assistance. You have to realise the desirable 1. exd5 is not so strong because of 1... Nf5. That's why the winning move is 1. Qh3!! controlling the f5 square and threatening exd5 in the next move. In the game I played the inferior 1. Bxd6 and was lucky to scape with a draw.

  2. thank you Francisco! great positions to study. very interesting to see what you see....

  3. Thank you Franc. I only had time for problem 1, will surely look at the rest later. Maybe directly Qg3 is not too bad yet, after Rf5:, Qg2: white can't play Re5 because of Nd7. The black queen may cause havoc in the white fortress. Mischa de Rue.